The 5 Best VSCO Filters for that Summer Vibes Look

Want to have great IG pics? The summer theme has always stood the test of time (and of seasons!) in getting IG goals. But since summer is not all-year round (boo!), here are some great cheats for your pics. Bless your feed with some summer vibes with these VSCO filters!



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For the best summer vibes, there’s no denying that clear blue oceans brings all the good summer feels~. What better way to show this than by channeling the ocean blues to your photos. Use the C1 filter--a light filter that helps brighten your photos and pops your coolest hues. C1 is part of the Chromatic series that instantly makes pictures vibrant. This filter is great to show off your fabulous vacation at the beach!


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Aside from C1 filter, you can use the HB2 filter for a cool bluish tint. While C1 filter makes the blues pop, the HB2 mellows the blues out. It also gives a crisp quality to your photos. If you want to give it a little vintage-y feel, adjust the temperature of your HB2 preset to 12.

HB2 is part of the VSCO x Hypebeast series, and what’s great is that it’s free! Use this filter for your foodie and sidewalk photos.


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Speaking of vintage-y feels, the M3 filter is part of the Mellow Series which gives your photos a slightly hazy blur quality. The most vintage-y filters are M5 and M6, but we feel like M3 hits just the right spot for the summer vibe pic. It’s not to grainy, and it’s not too vibrant. It almost creates a tone of tan. It’s definitely perfect for selfies!

Dog 2

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Soaking up the sun (with sunscreen, of course!) is one of the great things in summer. Aside from blues and greens, let’s not forget to play up our yellows! Dog 2 filter amplifies yellow and orange hues, giving your dark colored feed some loving sunshine. Fun fact: the Dog filter series was inspired by Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs.


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Of course, we’re not going to miss out on the most popular filter series in VSCO - the Analog/Aesthetic Series. A4 is the filter that gives out the most warm tone. It’s a good filter that highlights the browns of your pics. It’s great on portraits and pictures of sandy beaches.

So, hit the streets and start taking pics. Choose a VSCO filter to rake in those double taps. Summer feels? Yeah, well, we do it for the ‘gram.

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