Top 5 Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Our top 5 beach honeymoon destinations

The best part of the wedding is the honeymoon! It’s basically a reward for all the stress-inducing months of planning the wedding. It’s a no-judgment, free-to-relax, splurge-all-you-want pass. 

Where’s the best place to go? The beach! No duh! What’s more relaxing AND romantic than the sound of the waves crashing as you drink champagne with bae? We scoured the internet for the best beach honeymoon destinations and we narrowed it down to the top five. Check out our list and start planning for your honeymoon (weeee!).  


Our top 5 beach honeymoon destinations - Maldives

White sandy beaches, secluded islands, and high-end luxury resorts; now, who wouldn’t want that? The Maldives is always at the top of *anyone’s* list as a paradise on Earth. Many of the country’s resorts have honeymoon packages. What’s great is that with almost 200 islands, resorts have assured any couple’s privacy. Take a private tour on the islands. Have a nice, romantic dinner overlooking one of the world’s gorgeous sunsets. You’ll definitely keep falling in love with both the island and your new partner for life. *wink!*


Our top 5 beach honeymoon destinations - Seychelles

Why not spend your honeymoon in a place dubbed as “islands of love”? You and your bae can enjoy great ocean views in the country’s beachfront resorts. There are also options to stay at a spa hotel or bed and breakfast inns. You can also rent out an entire villa that will provide you with the best privacy! 

There are many activities to do in Seychelles Islands. Go to Cousin Islands, check the nature reserves, and watch fascinating birds. Spend a whole day at the beach in Mahé Island and enjoy snorkeling, diving, and sailing. You can also go on hikes on the Morne Blanc Trail and Anse Major Hiking Trail.


Our top 5 beach honeymoon destinations - Hawaii

Photo by Isaac Ordaz on Unsplash

Of course, Hawaii is a beach lover’s paradise. It’s also one of the most romantic getaways in the world. Thousands of couples get married at the shores of the islands’ great beaches. With a lot of options for island hopping, which one is the most romantic? Well, the best one is to go to Kauai. This little island has earned the nickname ‘Garden Isle’ for its lush tropical rainforest. Rent a sailboat and snorkel in Poipu Beach. Take a lovely walk around the McBryde Botanical Garden and see the thriving flora of Hawaii. 

Bali, Indonesia

Photo by pierre jonathan from Pixabay

Bali, Indonesia is one of the must-go-to beach destinations in the world. If you and your beau love to travel and to have adventures, Bali is a great mix of beach and culture. Bond with your new spouse in a foreign country and learn exciting new things from the experience. Eat amazing food and spend quiet quality time at the beach.  

Hayman Island, Australia 

Our top 5 beach honeymoon destinations - Hayman Island Australia

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

If you and your beau who loves marine life, go to Australia and spend your honeymoon in Hayman Island. Go snorkeling and see the wonderful reef. You can also go on glass boat tours and watch thriving marine life while relaxing. You’ll have to ride a boat from the mainland to the island resort so you’re privacy is assured on a very secluded island.

Our top 5 beach honeymoon destinations

Now, aren’t those romantic? Start planning and daydreaming. You’ll definitely fall in love over and over again to your spouse in these destinations. Safe travels!

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