Top 4 Beach Reads for 2019

The beach is the best place to relax and spend some alone time. Picture this: laying on the beach, getting some tan, and reading a book. If you don’t like being too active (like working on watersports), it’s the best time to wind down and read a book.

Now, what kind of book should you read? You’ll need a book that’ll keep you on your toes and excite you with every page to pass the time away. We checked out the latest reads this year to find what’s good for a day at the beach. Here are the top books that we recommend you get. 

Speaking of Summer

by Kalisha Buckhanon

Well, any book with “summer” in the title must be good, right? But, that’s not the reason this is a great beach read. The novel focuses on Autumn Spencer, who investigates the loss of her sister, Summer Spencer. One snowy evening, Summer walks to the roof of their home and is never seen again. The door to the roof was locked and there were no signs of Summer leaving the house. 

A story of despair and resolution, this book will leave you scratching your head with its mystery. Autumn desperately seeks help from authorities, but there’s no real help at all. It’s a psychological thriller that’s full of mystery and tackles issues like patriarchy, racial prejudice, and mental health. This one’s a true page-turner! 

Natalie Tan's Book of Luck and Fortune 

by Roselle Lim 

Now, who doesn’t like to read a book about luck and fortune? After the death of Natalie Tan’s estranged mother, she goes back to her childhood home in San Francisco. She learns that she inherits her grandmother’s restaurant. It’s her dream come true. However, Natalie is scared of this new business because she failed to be a chef when her mother stopped her from pursuing it. She seeks the help of the neighborhood seer and tells her that she can save the business by cooking three recipes from her grandmother’s recipe book. 

It’s a great book that inspires anyone to pursue their dream. Plus, the book describes sooooo much food. Make sure to bring some snacks to the beach when you read this one! 

Daisy Jones & the Six

by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Get transported to another era! This novel uses a documentary interview-style narrative to tell the story of a famous late 1970’s rock band.  Reid peppers the novel with lots of ‘70s pop culture references that you’ll definitely be transported into that era. 

Aside from vicarious nostalgia, this book uncovers the story of a famous rock band on its way to stardom, only to be blown out by their disbandment. Who wants to read about celebrities’ fall out? Everyone! But it’s more than just an entertainment lifestyle piece. It’s a novel that delves deep into the dynamics of work relationships and friendships. 

My Lovely Wife

by Samantha Downing

Are you a fan of Dexter or How to Get Away with Murder? This book is a page-turner that shows the lives of Millicent and her husband. They do whatever it takes to keep the fire in their marriage going. And when I say whatever it takes, I mean even when it means murdering somebody. The whole book is written in the POV of the husband. It’s marriage counseling meets true crime. You’ll definitely be entertained! 

There you have it! Take a literary trip while soaking up the sun. For sure, you’ll be turning the page and letting the world melt away. 

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