Top 10 Summer Hairstyles for 2019


Missing your summer OOTD? Spice up your everyday look by channeling summer through your hairstyle! Upgrade your daytime look (especially your casual Friday ones) with hairstyles that give off perf summer vibes! Here’s our top 10 summer hairstyles for 2019.

Long Beach Waves

photo via still stoked

Nothing screams summer more than long beach waves. And it’s so simple to do too! First, apply some mousse. Then, curl the bottom parts of your hair. You don’t even have to worry about the sizes or amount of hair you curl. The point is to get different sizes of curls for volume that screams ooh-la-la. Tousle some curls a little bit and finish off with some volumizing spray!

If you want to channel a more surfer girl vibes, check out Still Stoked's article on how to lighten your hair naturally without bleach!

Top Knot

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The Top Knot isn’t trending for nothing. It’s so easy to do and you won’t need to add a lot of products to do it. Step 1: gather your hair into a ponytail. Make sure to raise it a little higher than usual. As a tip, it’s better if it’s near the topmost part of your head. Step 2: wrap your hair into a bun and secure it with some pins. To keep it tight, set it with some hairspray. Accessorize your top knot with colorful scarves to give it a little twist! For easier styling, try the Matira Wired Bunny Ear Turban. Since it has a wire inside, it ensures a firm hold on your top knot so you can stay active without worrying about your hair. 

Lazy Bun

photo via my style vita

Not to be confused with the Top Knot, the Lazy Bun also screams beach hairdo! Imagine this: you just got out of the water and would like to catch some sun for your tan. What’s the best thing to do with your damp hair? Put it up in a Lazy Bun! When not on the beach, you can do the lazy bun (dried hair, of course!) and accessorize with some pins. You can also accessorize with some turbans. Check out Bathsheba - a handmade turban with a cute banana pattern!

Half Top Knot Bun

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If both the top knot and lazy bun are too stiff for you, try the half top knot bun. It’s better if you also pair the half top knot bun with some beach waves.

Space Buns Half Up

via kassinka

Is the force strong in you? Ever since Carrie Fisher showed the world some badassery in double buns, it’s been a summer staple! To make it more summer-y, only create double buns half up with the rest of your hair flowing effortlessly in the wind. Add some big loose curls to give your hair more volume.

Big Loose Braids (Elsa Braids)

via annies forget me knots

Just like the Lazy Bun, Big Loose Braids helps keep your hair in check without being extra. It looks so effortless but pretty! This is a great outdoor date look. Pair with a cute summer dress and a handbag and you’re good to go.

Side Braids

via the freckled fox

Side braids is a versatile hairstyle that can either make you look sweet or edgy. If you want to give off the sweet girl charm, create some loose braids down the sides. Partner it with some beach waves and you’re defs going to achieve a sweet look!

Waterfall Braids

via luxyhair

Any hairstyle that mimics water is definitely a summer hairstyle! Use a Waterfalls Braids to show off a sweet and sincere look. If you want your hair to look more flowy, try a Cascading Waterfalls Braids.

Fishtail Braids

photo via: luxy hair

What do we call beach girls? Mermaids! Channel your inner mermaid and put up your hair with a Fishtail Braid! This may look complex, but it's actually very easy to make. Here's the best and easiest to follow YouTube tutorial on how to fishtail braid from Luxy Hair!


Messy Ponytails

via style caster

Last but not the least is the Messy Ponytail. Living the beach life is living a carefree life. No need for too much drama! If you want to complete your summer look, simply put your hair in a messy ponytail. To make it just a bit more interesting, use the Frenchmans Minimalist Feather Charm Hair Tie. No fuss!

Check out more summer hairstyles for 2019 at our Pinterest board, Summer Hair Style Ideas. Wear your hair like a crown and spread that good summer vibes with these hairstyles. Now, go out and have some fun!

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