6 Must-Have Straw Bags for Summer 2019

Summer OOTDs are never complete without accessoriesstylish hair clips, subtle jewelry, and great shoes that complement your summer glow. Not to mention the most useful accessoryyour bag! And nothing screams summer more than woven straw bags! This classic style just keeps growing in trend year after year. Here are just some of the must-have woven straw bags for summer 2019.

Bali Straw Bag

If there’s ever an insta-famous bag, it’s this round rattan bag, better known as the Bali Bag. Popularized from the markets of Ubud, Bali; it’s a crossbody bag with leather straps, an outer woven rattan body and a fabric lining. Instead of the traditional rattan color, our Ubud Round Woven Crossbody Bag is finished without color. The result is a light natural shade that makes it easier to mix and match with your outfits!

Japanese Picnic Bag

Another IG-worthy bag is this Japanese bamboo picnic bag. This iconic, show-stopping bag has its humble origins in the shores of Japan. Durable and lightweight, it was primarily used as a lunch bag by Japanese fisherfolk way back in the 1930's. It was only 80 year later, in 2016 when a then-virtually unknown brand, Cult Gaia made it vogue. Now all the fashionable people on Instagram have it!

Round Bamboo Bag

Now's your chance to be a trendsetter! The La Playuela round bamboo bag hasn’t made the rounds on Instagram yet but it’s sure to be a show-stopper! It combines the round shape that the Bali Bag is known for with the minimalist style of the Japanese picnic bags; plus added a new layer of fun with a wooden bead strap instead of leather!

Halfmoon Corn Skin Straw Bag

This halfmoon corn skin straw tote bag has a color and style that’s neutral enough for any outfit to go with. It could easily become your default bag with its versatility; and is a perfect addition to any minimalist wardrobe. Tie on a scarf to match your outfit, and suddenly it becomes ultra chic!

But enough about small bags, let’s talk about the straw bags that will make you ready for any kind of actiongoing to beach, having brunch with friends, or rushing off to work. There are sooooo many options for medium to large basket bags. The real question is what kind of style are you going for?

Structured Beach Straw Bag

If you’re going for a clean and classic look, the structured Pulcino - Handwoven Handbag is great choice. It’s also a great choice if you need a little more room on your bag. It could fit a small towel, a Kindle, and your sunblock!

Slouchy Hobo Straw Bag

Traditional basket bags are big and rectangular. Change it up by choosing a less structured one like our slouchy hobo straw bag. This is a perfect choice for a boho i-didn’t-exert-an-effort-in-this-outfit-but-i-look-great-anyway kind of look. You know what we mean! 😉

There you have it! Grab a bag, channel your inner influencer, and strike a pose. Summer goals? Check! Don’t forget to browse through our bag collection. Buy one, two, or a whole lot of our basket bags. No worries; looks like this bag trend is here to stay.

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