How to Style a Satin Leopard Print Midi Skirt for Summer

Ah, the satin leopard print midi skirt! Most def a fashion trend that’s here to stay. A lot of celebrities and influencers are showing off this piece in IG. Here are some tips to style this insta-famous skirt to take your fashion style snaps to the next level this summer.


Wear a simple white top.

When it’s summer, it’s hot (no duh)! So, it’s better to wear light to neutral colors so you won’t feel too much heat. Of course, the best color to wear to lessen heat would be white. So, pair your satin leopard print midi skirt with your best white top and you’ll look stylish and feel cool at the same time.

Wear a crop top (or a knotted tee).

Another great top for the leopard print midi skirt is a crop top. The midi style helps in emphasizing your waist so a crop top is perfect to show off your curves. Best if you could choose a light-colored crop top. No available crop top now? Knot a tie on a white cotton blouse and you’re good to go!

If you want to wear dark colors, opt for a sleeveless one.

Of course, you shouldn’t be limited to wearing light-colored tops only. If you choose to wear dark colors, wear sleeveless ones. A great one would be a v-neck sleeveless top just like our Paris Chiffon Spaghetti Strap. You’ll surely feel breezy. Plus points: it’ll make you feel sexy, too.

For a more laid-back look, pair it with a vintage tee.

Summer style is nothing if not laid-back and carefree. And nothing screams chill than vintage tees. It’s time to rummage your grandparents’ trunk for some rare jewels. Don their concert shirt and tuck ‘em in for an easygoing rocker chic vibe.


Slip-ons to make it classy.

The key to pulling off the leopard print is subtlety. Make your midi-skirt stand out by complementing it with a natural look. For shoes, use solid colored slip-ons that are comfortable for when you’re walking around the beach. Pairing your skirt with minimalist sandals is great too. It’s classy and super comfy.

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Comfy sneakers are your friend.

If your summer vacation includes jet setting to different beach locations or tourist spots, a pair of sneakers will save your feet (and style!). You won’t have trouble running around in the satin midi skirt because of its flowy texture so all you have to worry about is comfort for your feet. So, it’s sneakers to the rescue! Choose a pair of white kicks to match your skirt. The good news is like the leopard print midi skirt, the white sneaker trend is also dominating the social media scene.


Choose a basket bag to complete your look.

Now, what’s a great accessory for a stand out midi skirt in summer? Basket bags, of course! Big or small bag, it doesn’t matter. Leopard print and basket bag is a match made in heaven.

Simple jewelry ties your whole ensemble together.

Whether it’s a pair of earrings or a necklace, a great style statement to the leopard print is a clean look. Depending on your top’s neckline, choose a necklace without too many pendants. Or you can choose to ditch the necklace and opt for a sweet yet edgy pair of earrings. The key is keeping it simple.

So, there you have it! Grab your satin leopard midi skirt now and have a little photo shoot for the ‘gram. Double taps guaranteed.

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