How to Pick the Right Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Choosing the best swimsuit for your body type is always tricky. There are so many options to consider: the style, design, and of course, the right fit! It takes hours of scouring bikini shops for the best one and we all know ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here are three basic things to consider when picking a swimsuit that’s best for you: protection, comfort, and style.


Make sure that the swimsuit you choose covers what you want to cover - this could mean different things for different people. The important thing is to make sure that your swimsuits stays in place and covers what you want to cover as you go about your day. If you’re the sporty type, find a swimsuit that won’t come undone when you move about. Surfers, for example, should stay away from stringy bikinis. Believe us, waves can do terrible things to those strings! 😫😖


Once you find a swimsuit type that would suit your need, find one you’re comfortable and confident in. Even if an itsy bitsy string bikini looks good on you, it doesn’t mean you should wear it if you’re not comfortable in it!


And finally, style. Well, there’s really no fun in swimsuits if it doesn’t suit your style! Luckily, there are tons of styles to choose from. To help you even more, we’ve created this quick and easy guide on how to pick the right swimsuit for your body type. Listen up, ladies! Here’s a rundown of the best swimsuits to give you the confidence to slay at the beach all day!

INVERTED TRIANGLE  (Full Bust with Slim Hips)


If you got it, flaunt it! Girls with full bust shouldn’t shy away by opting to hide the girls. But don’t sacrifice sexiness over comfort. Make sure you’ve got the right support, too. Go for the Bedarra -  a Black Cutout Bikini to exude sexiness without any worries. It’s sleek, sexy, and comfortable!

The halter neckline and the two clasps at the back and neck ensures full support for your full girls so you can have fun without worrying about nip slips!

RECTANGLE (Athletic Body)


How do you humble brag your hard-earned abs? Flash them at the beach, no duh! If you’ve got an athletic body, bless everyone with the sight of your muscles but don’t forget to emphasize your curves, too. All those time spent at the gym must be rewarded with a cute and fun bikini.

Try the Railay Cropped Top Swimsuit! Its sporty designed top emphasizes your abs and shoulders. Plus, it pairs with a cute bottom that shows off your booty. You can also opt for Kata, a floral bowknot two piece swimsuit. That’s right, folks! Having a toned body doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy and girly at the same time!

PEAR  (Big Butt)


If you’ve got a big butt, then guuuurl it’s your time to shine! Sun’s out, buns out amirite? 😆 Show off that beautiful booty by wearing a high waist bikini like Cinque! The high waist design will highlight your curvy butt without you having to worry about it being undone. It is also paired with a flounced top that gives the illusion of a fuller top to balance your figure!

Hourglass (Thin waist with proportionate shoulders and hips)


If you’ve got an hourglass figure, consider yourself #blessed. Most swimsuit styles fit you. So, our tip is to just have fun with your swimsuit choices! Be adventurous and pick a fun print or try a mix and match bikini and top! For an elegant, feminine look - go for our Ponza one piece swimsuit. You can also mix it up and wear Sainte - a tropical print mixed with a single-toned piece. If you want to keep it simple, you can choose to pair 2 solid colors like pink and black for your bikini top and bottom.

That’s it! Remember, it’s all about confidence. Knowing the best swimsuit style for your body type and feeling comfortable in it will boost it for sure. Now, go out and strut your stuff!


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