How to Pick the Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape


If sunnies are not yet part of your style essentials yet, you better get a good pair, stat! Sunnies help block harmful UV rays from your eyes. Plus, it limits wrinkles and crow’s feet by protecting the skin near our eyes which are super sensitive and delicate.

It’s also not bad that it adds a certain rockstar vibe to your OOTD. Get a pair in darker shades for day time. If you’re adding a pair for your OOTN, get one in a lighter shade. Like a good pair of shoes, you need to find a pair that’s reliable and complements your face. Here are the types of sunnies that highlights each face shape:


If you have a round face like Mila Kunis, you’ll look best with square or rectangle framed sunglasses. A good match to your face’s smooth curves are some sharp angles. Wearing block-y type of sunnies will definitely bring focus to your face. Ditch round sunnies to make your look more interesting. Try our rectangle shaped sunglasses, the Weligama. It comes in black, pink, and brown!


If you have an oval-shaped face like Tina Fey, consider yourself #blessed! Almost all types of sunnies fit you. You can never go wrong with a pair of wayfarers or cat-eye sunnies. Experiment with different shades and frames! Just make sure it’s not oversized on you since it will wash out your symmetrical features. Try our large cat-eye sunglasses, the Miyakojima. 


Opposite to the round faces, square faces like Rihanna's would work best with more curves than angles. Try on a pair of round or oval-shaped sunnies. Think John Lennon sunnies. Or better yet, here’s Stari, our round retro-inspired sunnies available in vintage brown, classy black, and chic pink! Cat-eyes are also great since it has sharp angles at the top but is rounded at the bottom. The key to a pair that matches a square face is less angles!


If you have a wide temple and narrow chin, you have a heart-shaped face like Scarlett Johansson. Compliment that with a pair of square sunnies or cat-eyes. You can also go for rimless sunnies because it balances the angles on the bottom part of your face. If you’re scared that you’ll easily break rimless sunnies (because let’s be honest, sunnies are less sturdier without the rims), try on a pair of our Weligama. It’s available in pink and brown with light colored bottom frames that gives the same effect as rimless sunnies without you having to worry about breaking it. You can also go for wrap sunnies that gives a more sporty look.


Rectangle shaped faces like Fergie's have long and narrow lines with less angles. A pair of oversized sunnies will look great (just to be extra, too)! You can also go for some wayfarers or round sunnies too. Just make sure it’s not too small for your face. The Split, our round bamboo sunglasses would work best for you. For rectangle shaped faces, it’s the bigger, the better!

Those are the best sunnies for every face shape. But you know what? If you’re in doubt, get a pair of aviators. They compliment ALL face shapes. Go and get a pair of sunnies to complete your look. Get that confidence to slaaaaay all day, gurl!

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