How to Always Look Put-Together When You're a Mom on a Beach Holiday

Holidays can get pretty crazy if you have a little one in tow. There’s so much planning, thinking, and ensuring that your baby is having fun and staying safe. And who manages all the chaos that comes with a baby in tow during a holiday? You, the MOM!


More like MOMager - amirite ladies?

When you're busy keeping everything in check for your family, taking care of your appearance usually takes a back seat. How do those Instagram beach moms do it?!

The truth is, always looking put together isn't super complicated. With these simple tips, you can take care of your family while still keeping your look on fleek. Practice some self-love and check out our tips on how to always look put together when you're a mom on a beach holiday:

Take Time to Fix Your Hair

You may not have time for anything else, but make sure it looks like you took the time to keep your hair neat or styled! Unkempt hair is a dead giveaway of "not-having-time-for-self-care". Don't forget to style it! You don't need to do complicated braids - I mean, who has time for that?

With the right hair accessories, simply tying your hair in a ponytail or half ponytail can do the trick. If you're super pressed for time, try the top knot, the lazy bun, or the messy ponytail we talked about in Top 10 Summer Hairstyles for 2019.

Then upgrade your look a notch with interesting hair accessories like the Frenchmans hair tie or Birbie (fun and beach-y). You can also use a turban if that's more your thing; like the Batsheba, for a pop of color. 

Bring Comfortable but Stylish Footwear

High heels are out of the question! But flip flops tend to downgrade a look. Bring versatile sneakers like the TropicFeel or sensible but cute sandals instead. Check out the [MINIMALIST SANDALS], it’s classy and easy to pair with any OOTD. Another plus to sandals? It won’t take too much luggage space!

Plan Your Outfits Ahead of Time

Tell me you didn't dream about this when you were a kid...

Picking clothes can be a nightmare. It could be tempting to dump all your staples in the bag and just hope for the best. But the key to looking put together is to plan ahead. Don’t fling out all your clothes finding what to pack, though! Use the Style Book app instead.

If you’ve ever dreamed of having Cher’s closet in Clueless (seriously, who hasn’t?) this app just made it a reality! It’s tedious at first because you’d have to take photos of your clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. But once everything’s set up, you could easily make looks based on your clothes. Or you can have the app generate a look for you (a la Cher). It even has a packing section where you can save all your looks in a packing list. Say goodbye to frantic clothes-flinging and hello to stylish momma every single day.

Get Yourself a Stylish Diaper Bag

One thing about the 90’s we don’t want to come back to? Those ugly bulky diaper bags that do nothing for your mom’s outfits. Thank gawds the diaper bag market has upped their game. We now have options to pick out more sophisticated ones that actually look good with our clothes! Like the SoHo diaper bag, which we absolutely adore! The stripe design with brown accents makes it feel nautical enough to take to the beach. And yet, with a different outfit, it’d look good for a day at the city too.

Don’t Forget Your Sunnies!

There's something about sunglasses that can upgrade any look from boring to ooh-la-la. Simple summer tops and shorts can be upgraded by just wearing a pair. Aside from being stylish, you can also use sunnies to hide how stressed you are when dealing with unexpected problems like last-minute changes in your itineraries. Check out our tips on how to pick the best sunglasses for your face shape.

And finally...

The ultimate put-together tip is to keep your composure and smile. Remember to always take a deep breath and enjoy your holiday. Now, go on and slay MOMager!

How about you, do you have tricks on how to always look put together as a mom on a beach holiday? Help other momagers out and share it in the comments below!

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