5 Ways to Manage Your Period During a Beach Vacation

There’s no worse time to get your period than when you’re headed for the beach. A tropical getaway’s great and all, but it could become icky pretty quickly when you’re bleeding all over. PMS + sweet/salty cravings + the sweltering island heat = 😫 Ugh!

Don’t let your period ruin your much-needed rosé-on-the-beach time. Believe us, you could still enjoy this (and surf and do yoga if you want) even when you’re at the peak of your period. Here’s how to manage your period during a beach vacation.

Be extra prepared

If you know you’ll have your period during your beach holiday, being prepared will lessen the weight and stresses of having to deal with it. So go stock up on necessities! Stash some emergency chocolates. Ready up a playlist of feel-good songs to bop to.

Use Thinx! It’s period-proof underwear that won’t make you feel icky. You won’t have to worry about any bulges in your summer dresses or shorts because it’s totally undetectable and lightweight. You can use this underwear on the days leading up to your period so you won’t need to worry about any surprise spills.

Ditch the sanitary napkins, use menstrual cups* - it's like tampons but better! A menstrual cup is a cup made of silicone that you can insert into your vagina and it catches your menses. It’s easy to use and you can keep it on safely for a good eight to twelve hours. You’ll be free to do just about anything without worrying about your period: swim, dance, play beach volley, or even surf! And you'll be able to strut around in your swimsuit too!

When not at the pool or by the beach, use your menstrual cup with your Thinx for extra protection. It also doesn’t hurt that the cup is reusable so you’d only need to bring one or two on your trip!

(*We love this menstrual cup from the Philippines - part of their proceeds goes to donating menstrual cups to underprivileged women in their country!)

Find the best time for your bikini wax

Don’t get your bikini wax when you’re on your period and when it’s HOT! Book your appointment for at least a week before. This will make it less painful too!

Stay cool-headed

Baking in the midday heat can really raise those tempers. Try to keep cool, mentally. It’s no use losing your temper when you’re already feeling the heat. Start your day with a 15-minute meditation. When you’re getting irritated, meditate to control your emotions. You can also add “avoid trolls” to your to-do list. It’s all about inner peace.

You can also do some sports! Hit the gym, jog along the coast, play beach volley - just get and stay active. It may sound counter-intuitive, but exercise gives you a dose of of those much needed endorphins to help you feel good.

Avoid salty foods

It’s easy to feel a little bloated when you’re on your period. So even if you’re on a holiday and even if you can theoretically cheat on your diet when you’re on holiday - it’s best to practice self-control and stay away from salty foods. We’re talking chips, pretzels, pizza, fried chicken, etc. You know the drill. Salty foods can make you bloat since they retain liquids in your body. And since it’s humid, you’ll be thirsty (and not in a good way). This would mean you’ll be doubly bloated from all the liquids you’ll gulp down.

Let it breathe

It’s always best to feel the wind beneath those thighs, girl! Ditch the jeans and leggings - not like they’d be comfy at the beach anyways! Don’t be afraid to wear summer dresses, skirts or loose pants. They'd be a lot more comfortable and stylish too!


Dealing with periods can be a mess. Especially on a hot and humid weather. But rest easy and follow these tips so you can breeze on through your period. Enjoy your beach holiday and stay peachy!

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