5 Fab Midi Skirts that will Take You from the Office to the Beach

A good fashion habit is to always create capsule wardrobes. Capsule wardrobes can help lessen the space needed in your home. It can also help you lessen your morning ritual. Especially, when you’re already late! 

Building a capsule wardrobe needs mindfulness when it comes to shopping. (I know it sounds like a threat, but don’t worry we’re not telling you to stop your weekly retail therapy.) What does it mean then? It simply means you put a lot more thought into what you’re purchasing. Buying pieces that can be used in different styles or occasion is the goal. So, aside from scouting for the perfect outfit for beach parties, try to find pieces that you can still wear someplace else: like, the office! 

A great piece that’s versatile, fresh, and simply, fab is a Midi Skirt. It’s a perfect blend of casual and dressy. Here are 5 Fab Midi Skirts that’ll be great for office wear and beach wear!

1. Midi Skirt with Front Slits 

Summer wear is all about showing a little skin. But, at the office, we sometimes have to be a little conservative. (Just a little!) A great balance of professional and sexy is a Midi Skirt with Front Slits. For a more summer-y feel, look for ones with fun prints and neutral to pastel colors. Pair your risqué skirt with a short-sleeved blouse and you can rush off to the beach after your afternoon meetings!

2. Wrap Midi Skirt

Now, a great go-to wardrobe is a wrap! Wrap dresses, wrap skirts, wrap blouses--I swear these are all smart buys! The wrap midi skirt is a perfect blend of serious and funky. Choose a plain one if you need to avoid loud colors for your meeting with clients. For office events, you can pick one that has multiple prints in loud colors and you’d still look professional. For a balanced look of fun and professional, check out Natadola, our wrap midi skirt that’s cute with its small prints.

3. Pleated Midi Skirt

If you need a more “casually-good-looking-at-the-office” look than a “chilling-by-the-beach-with-cocktails”, a pink pleated midi skirt is your best bet. Make sure to opt for either neutral colors or pastels for your beach vacay.

4. Denim Midi Skirt

If there’s a style that’s always revived in *every* season, it’s the denim. A good denim midi skirt can be worn for your office’s casual Fridays. Wear plain and formal blouses when you’re in the office, and then change into a bright-colored top when you’re ready to go to the beach! 

5. Satin Leopard Print Midi Skirt

Last BUT most definitely NOT the least, treat yourself with a satin leopard print midi skirt. This summer trend is not only for your beach vacays! Beach look: black tube top + leopard-print midi skirt with white sneakers. Office look: Add a semi-formal jacket and you’re good to go! 

Here are great versatile midi-skirts that looks great on you whether you’re at the office or at the beach. Good luck shopping for your capsule wardrobe! As always, stay salty and slaaaaaaay!

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