5 Best Beach Instagram Accounts with Year Round Summer Vibes

Summer is all about living the island lifestyle - hitting the beach, drinking mimosas til the sun sets, and doing it all over again the next day. If only we could do that everyday!  😭

While we can’t just run to Kokomo like The Beach Boys, we could at least dream. To help you vicariously live the island life, we rounded up five of the best Instagram accounts with forever summer vibes. Follow them now and escape the 4 walls of your dreary job with these dreamy accounts!


If you like to daydream that you’re in a beach far, far away, check out @tropicals’ IG. Their page is full of curated pics from all over Instagram and beyond. Find travel inspo as they take you to the beaches of Jamaica, Australia, Italy, and the British Islands. It’s instant travel envy!


Another great IG that screams travel goals is @escape_your_life. It’s an IG account run by Nick and Louise, a couple from France. The duo quit their day jobs and decided to live their best life by traveling around the worldone beach at a time. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to a view of beaches in Fiji, Australia, or the Philippines? It kinda makes you wonder what you’re still doing in your office. Shouldn’t you be downing tequilas at a beach somewhere?


One of the best things about summer? Summer fashion of course! Check out @fashionsummerweek to find inspos that will make your summer chic style on fleek. What makes @fashionsummerweek even better is that they have the vintage aesthetics down pat! The grainy texture filter makes each pic feel dreamy and nostalgic.




WARNING: @nathalia.luna’s IG will give you a serious case of FOMO. Nathi is a content writer who spends most of her time showing the world how lovely Brazil is. She goes beach-hopping, attends festivals, and shows off Brazilian cuisine. (Make sure to check her IG stories!) She embraces a bohemian chic style with a huge side of sexy. Check out her bikini shots to see some serious booty goals. Nathi only posts in her native language, Portuguese, but who needs words when the pics say it all?! (If you really need to know though, there’s always Google Translate!)


Another traveler giving off hot summer vibes is @marcy_yu. Marcy is a travel and lifestyle content creator based in Panama. Her adventures to different beaches, resorts, and islands are to die for! She has lounged around the beaches and resorts of the Caribbean and Panama. She also went on a cruise of the British Virgin Islands. Unlike Nathi, Marcy blogs in English and Spanish. No need for Google Translate for this one!

There you have it—five ultra hot Instagram accounts with year-round summer vibes to help you plan your next vacay, your beach vacation outfits, or just to help you get through a rough day. Now time to hit that follow button!


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