5 Beach Movies to Watch on Netflix that will Get You Hyped Up for Summer

Summer’s almost here and we’re all super stoked for our next beach getaway! If you just can't wait to hop on a plane yet, live the beach life vicariously instead with these Netflix and Chill worthy beach flicks.

If you don’t care for spoilers, skip the Plot section and go straight to “What’s the Hype?”.

1. Riptide

Nothing screams coming-of-age films more than a montage of beach scenes. Here’s the first coming-of-age film on our list: Rip Tide (2017).

Cora Hamilton grew up being forced into the modeling spotlight by her mother. After a falling scandal (like literally falling down some stairs), Cora runs away and bunks with her laid-back aunt in Australia. She gets to re-know her childhood friends and rediscovers her love for the ocean. Soon, she finds her passion and stands up for herself.

What’s the hype?
Scenic shots of Australia’s beaches. This movie boasts of great beach cinematography! Feast your eyes on long, wide-angle shots of the beach that practically urges you to jump in! The movie’s surfing shots are ah-may-zing! You’ll definitely want to grab a surfboard and catch a wave.


2. The Last Summer

Our second coming-of-age film is The Last Summer. This’ll definitely hype you up for summer - the word is literally included in the title.

It’s a series of stories about six high school graduates spending their last summer before college--all of them looking for love, passion, and their identities. They deal with breaking up, hooking up (too fast and too slow), mending family issues, and finding one’s true self.

What’s the Hype?
Summer’s a transition period for most of us and we’ve experienced a lot of “last summers”: the one before high school, the last one before college, or the last summer before a new job. It’s about taking that step to finding yourself and your true passion. What’s a great way to do it? Take a vacation. Meet other people. TBH, this is the essence of The Last Summer. Once you’re done watching, you’ll be booking your next adventure!


3. Into the Blue

Beach movies are not all about coming-of-age films. Picture this: motorboat chases, surfing exhibitions, and wild chase across the beach sand. Action films on beach location add a little sexy for the viewers. Check out an ‘oldie but a goodie in Netflix: Into the Blue.

Jared’s dream is to dive and uncover treasure from a shipwreck in the Bahamas. Joined by his girlfriend, Sam and childhood friend, Bryce, they work together in finding artifacts while salvaging a ship. Turns out they also uncover a wrecked plane full of drugs. They decided to sell some to get some funding to salvage their ship. Of course, violence and wrong decisions ensue.

What’s the Hype?
Four words: Jessica. Alba. Paul. Walker. Okay, aside from these great actors and their flawless bodies, you’ll love the scenic views of the Bahamas. If you’ve ever dreamed of diving, the discovery of the sunken ship is a treat.


4. Ibiza

Need a sure-fire way to hype up summer? Watch a comedy flick all about taking a holiday. Catch Ibiza on Netflix now. Seriously, now.

Gillian Jacobs plays Harper, a hardworking Marketing staff tasked to seal a deal in Barcelona. Two of her friends, Nikki and Leah, tag along to get a freebie holiday. While in Barcelona, Harper meets DJ Leo West and has an instant connection. Her two friends convinces her to follow Leo to his next gig--in Ibiza.

What’s the Hype?
If partying in a big music festival is your ultimate holiday, then you’ll definitely enjoy this film. Aside from the relatable story (and characters!), you’ll get your fix on a series of wild nights of partying--with a side of HAHAHA’s. You’ll enjoy watching Harper and her friends make fools of themselves as they dodge Harper’s boss and have the best nights of their lives. Vanessa Bayer is comedy gold!

5. Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened

And speaking of beach parties, here’s a must-see documentary from Netflix, Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened.

It’s a documentary discussing the biggest failure of music festival history, the Fyre Festival of 2017. Widely marketed as a luxury music festival, Fyre Festival was a dream escape for most of us. Viral content marketing on IG, FB, and Twitter showed gorgeous models having yacht parties and living their best lives. This documentary shows the hows and whys behind this epic failure.

What’s the Hype?
If you watched in awe as the music festival crashed and burned to ignominy before the world's eyes, now's your chance to see what happened. You’ll come for the amazing visuals but you’ll stay for the juicy breakdown of the festival’s issues. It’s like watching a natural disaster unfold and you just can’t turn away! By then of the film, you won’t be jealous of the party and will be probably be wishing for a quiet beach time instead.

Do you know any other Netflix beach movies you’d recommend? Share it in our comments. Summer’s coming and we all need to get hyped!

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